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Exhibition: 'Children of the World draw for Peace', Villemur-on-Tarn, France, May 2017

The running exhibition 'Children of the world draw for Peace', curated by Asilva Rogue, was presented in Villemur-on-Tarn, an historical French South West town, from May 11 to May 16 2017, in the Defense Tower. A puppet performance, animated by Charlie, from the Nansouk Company ( around the theme of 'Enfantasia' the right to be different) was proposed in the same time of the exhibition.

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Exhibition: 'Children of the World draw for Peace', Montauban, France, March 2017
From March 2nd to March 16th, 2017, the Municipality of Montauban welcomed the running exhibition 'Children of the World draw for Peace' which was organized with the collaboration of the Unesco Children Club. This show was inaugurated by the Deputy Lord Mayor Mr Alain Crivella, in charge of Culture, the Councillor Mrs Nicole Roussel, and Alain Mila, the President of the Association 'Sentinals of Peace'. And with the artist Asilva, curator and coordinator of this exhibition, Mrs Martine Pasquet, IAA Executive Secretary, and with the active participation of the Montauban Schools of Dance, Music, and Drawing.

On March 15th, a balloons release with messages of Peace written by the children gathered about 400 kids from Montauban. When you know that Montauban was the field of terrorist attacks on March 15th, 2012, it is easy to understand the importance of this manifestation. A choir of 50 children of the School of Music sang 'Tout le bonheur du Monde' (All the happiness of the world). Then all the children sang and danced on the Esplanade des Fontaines with their day holiday centers accompanying adults, and the volunteers of 'The Sentinals of Peace'.

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6th International Forum of NGOs in Official Partnership with Unesco.
Querétaro, Mexico. November 3-5, 2016

From November 3rd to November 5th, 2016, was hold in Querétaro, Mexico, the 6th Unesco NGOs International Forum devoted to 'From Promotion to Building Peace with the Unesco NGOs'. This Forum gathered 50 International NGOs which prepared it. IAA was one of those participative NGOs.


IAA Honorary President Rosa Maria Burillo participated to this Forum by intervening to present the Mexican National Committee Projects around Peace, and by participating to the round table which was organized on the topic: 'Art as a tool of dialogue'. She also organized with the other participative Latin American NCs a huge exhibition of 'Murals' and of children drawings in the Educational and Cultural Center Manuel Gomez Morin (

In this exhibition being open to everyone, groups of children from the Foundation Mexico, Pride and Tradition of Queretaro could think about their idea of the Peace and draw their feeling in the light and in the eyes of everybody. All the drawings were shown, and a visit was organized for the Unesco officials, the members of the Liaison Committee, and the participative persons.

Quite a lot of the Mexican Committee members came to attend this Forum of Querétaro, as well as Rosemary Golcher, the President of the IAA Regional Committee of Latin America (Costa Rica), Claudia Adriazola, the Vice President (Chile), Albino Luna, the Secretary (Mexico) and Oscar Casquino, Member (Peru). This Forum gathered a total number of more of 800 persons, students groups from Mexican Universities wishing attend the debates.

The synthesis of the debates and ideas which were proposed and discussed is available on the Unesco Liaison Committee: and for the photos.

Echoing this Forum, the IAA Secretariat and the Unesco Children Club organized a 'Sentinals of Peace' special day for the children of the Unesco staff with the collaboration of three French artists: Alain Mila, President of the Association 'Les Sentinelles de la Paix', working at international level, Gilles Charrot, artist who was selected for 'Nuit Blanche 2016' (White Night), and Asilva, a member of the French Committee who curated the exhibition 'Children of the world draw for Peace'. As well as the clarinetist and actor Camille Artichaut who accompanied the building of the Sentinals.

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Sentinels of Peace
Echoing the Querétaro Forum on Peace 'From promoting to building Peace with NGOs', hold in Querétaro, Mexico, on 3rd and 4th November, 2016, an event was proposed by IAA to the Unesco Children Club in order to raise, once again, children from 3 to 13 years old.

This event was animated by Alain Mila, a sculptor, President of the Association 'Sentinelles de la Paix', Association approved by the French Minister of Culture, Gilles Charrot, artist selected to participate to 'Nuit Blanche 2016', and Asilva, a CNFAP member who curated the exhibition 'Children of the world draw for Peace'. The clarinetist and actor Camille Artichaut gave ryhtm to the building of the Sentinels by his talented improvisations while the artists and the children were working to put stones in balance. As a symbol of the fragility of human values.

Thanks to the Delegation of Indonesia to Unesco and to the International Council of Dance (CID), the teenagers of the 'Garuda Cendekia Middle School Jakarta' presented a part of their world running performance. His Excellency Mr H. PANDJAITAN, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadeur of the Republic of Indonesia honored this event.

A video of this day was made, you can watch it here:

Les Sentinelles de la Paix from Imge Turudu on Vimeo.



The children of the schools of Solliès Ville, (Var, South of France) were invited to reflect on what is, for each of them, the idea of Peace. All the obtained définitions were hung to balloons that were released at the opening by the Mayor, on May 6th 2016, of the exhibition 'Children of the World draw for Peace'. An article [PDF] published in Var Matin speaks of this 'exceptional exhibition'.

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EXHIBITION: The Children of the World Draw for Peace, Italy, Pavese (near Trevise), April 2016

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'Together for Art, Together for Peace, the children undertake'
In December 2015, the French National Committee organized a second travalling exhibition, France-Morocco, including children's drawings from those two countries. The children thought and worked about the idea of Peace: 'Together for Art, Together for Peace: the children undertake'.

This running exhibition was shown at the Decauville House, in Voisins-le-Bretonneux (near Paris), on December 2015, 16th et 17th. Fatema Binet-Ouakka, a CNFAP member, in charge of international relationships, made the Fes Region and Paris Region work about the theme; 'Art and Peace'.
(Documents in French and Arabic language and Berberian language version)

Downloads: Press release | TV-programm

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Ensemble pour la Paix 2016: film


Children draw for Peace
Unesco Children Club
September 16, 2015

The artist ASILVA, a member of he CNFAP, the IAA French National Committee, organized at the Unesco Children Club, and with its participation, an exhibition of 600 children drawings coming from 16 countries of the five regions. This travelling exhibition was presented with a dance performance created for the 45 children who attended the show.

Mr André Hervio, the CNFAP President, gave to each participative child to the exhibition a certificate including the drawing of the 'Colombe de la Paix' which was drawn by one of them.

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The 2015 Fes-project (Morocco)

French artists will participate in the 2015 'Fes-project' about Peace.

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English translation will be available later this year.

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