Environmental Defense

In December 2016, the South Korean National Committee organized an International Art environmental Festival in the Gardens and in the Conference Center of the City of Suncheon on the theme: 'Voyage into Paradise'. Twenty artists from AIAP participated to this manifestation which was inaugurated by the Lord Mayor of Suncheon, Mr Choong-Hoon Cho, and by President Bedri Baykam.

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Across the ocean, second international exhibition
Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists, ACAV

'Costa Rica, Pont Vert', Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, Francia, October 2013

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America with an area of 51,110 km2, a variety of rivers, plains, mountains, valleys, flora, fauna, volcanoes, beaches, protected areas, biological reserves and many attractions along with a variety of climates. The location of Costa Rica is of great importance for the preservation of life, which is seen as a corridor between two large continental masses and establishing a bridge, which led to the name of the sample. Biodiversity and natural wealth of Costa Rica with its light and colour were reflected in the works.

The project was coordinated by Rosemary Golcher, Costa Rica, Honorary Master of ACAV Don Carlos Poveda and was cured by Lic. Maria Enriqueta Guardia. It had the support of the Association of Friends of Costa Rica in France. They, together with Mariamarta Pacheco, participated in the installation of the exhibition. The event was published and distributed nationally and internationally, both in France and in Costa Rica.

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