Grants and mobility

Quite a lot of countries, through their governments, created financial helps and networks of grants, and/or residencies were founded by private companies and foundations.

So, the artists can direcly contact the Cultural Department of the Embassies of the countries where they want to work in order to know the welcoming conditions, the financial helps they propose, as well as the calls for application.

In the framework of the UNESCO World Observatory the existing measures in several of its members states are gathered in the website:

In 2009 too, UNESCO launched a huge questionnaire near by numerous national and professional cultural institutions in order to appreciate better the legal consequences on the artworks, cultural goods and services, and the international mobility of the artists.

This questionnaire can be viewed on line at the address:;pdf

In October 2011, in Berlin, the German IAA AIAP Committee organized a Symposium about 'Artists in Transit: how to become an artist in residence', dedicated to this phenomenon and to the motives of mobility, focusing on the practical ramifications of mobility on the life and works of artists: artists-in-transit-2011

The networks:

The following links give, region per region, and quite often country per country, the main networks (grants and residencies) already existing in the framework of the artists’ mobility. This list is not an exhaustive one.

The websites of the IAA AIAP National Committees give information about the residencies, the grants, as well as the contemporary art prizes delived by their country.

World Residencies networks


Arab States

  • AFAC/ Arab Fund for Culture and the Arts

Latin America and the Carribean

  • Artesur: the website which gathers, for South America, all the useful information country per country, topic per topic, http://arte-sur-org/by-country


  • South Asia Foundation
  • Art & Australia/ Crédit Suisse Contemporary Art Award. Eckerley’s Art Material Prize.
  • Ignition: NAVA Prize for Professionnal Practice. Curator Mentorship Initiative.
  • Janaet Holmes à Court Artists’ Grant. Freedman Foundation Travelling Scolarship for Emerging Artists. Marketing Grant for NSW Artists. Seeds of Happiness. Sainsbury Scultural Grant.
  • New Zealand: Creative New Zealand,
  • Pakistan: Vasl Artists’ Collective


North America




Defending the artists' rights
Shipment of the works