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Watch photos of the worldwide videoproject 'Contemporary visions/Videoart in loop', organized by the Italian IAA-Committee, AIAPI, on Facebook.

At 4 November 2016, IGBK of Germany will organize a workshop 'Social Security and Mobility of visual artists in Europe', at the Haus der Kulturverbände in Berlin. For more information, click here: Information, Programm.

The Italian IAA-Committee, AIAPI, proposes artists to participate in a worldwide videoproject called: 'Contemporary visions/Videoart in loop'. Read more

The National Committee of Bulgaria invites the artists worldwide to participate to the 8th Bienal of Pleven 2016, Bulgaria. Please, click here to read the statutes and the application form.

Click here to view new pictures of activity organised by our French National Committee in Solliès Ville.

'Together for Art, Together for Peace, the children undertake' at 'Voisins le Bretonnaux', click here to read more.

View new photos of World Art Day 2016 through this link:

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