Professional Artist

Since 1980, IAA/AIAP believes that an artist can be considered professional not only if he or she earns a living by the practice of art, but also if any one of the following or similar criteria can be applied to him or to her.

If he has a diploma in fine or applied art: painting, sculpture, or graphics, or in another aeras considered by the cultural criterias of his country, to be within the domain of the fine arts
If he teaches in an art school (fine or applied art)
If he exhibits his works frequently or if they are otherwise seen by a large public, for example through:
- public collections
- public orders or commissions
- monographs, catalogues, articles about his work
If he has won important national or international prizes
- If he is a member of an Art Academy
- If he is recognized by a consensus of opinion of the professional artists of his country, even though he may possess none of the foregoing qualifications.